Buy Less. Wear Longer.

Yes, this is the right moment for you to think about owning less clothes! When looking for new clothes, the best contribution you can make to the environment is not to buy them at all. Does that sound weird coming from a fashion company?

High quality. Reduce your footprint.

In fact no, that’s not weird. We take great pride in the high quality of our products. In the testing phase, we found out that our shirts can easily be used up to two times longer than those of our competitors, resulting in you being able to either buy less clothes (and wear them longer) or sell them on a platform for secondhand clothes. By reusing clothes, you will positively impact the environment by reducing the CO2 emission, energy use and water consumption per item to a large extent.

What we do.

How have we contributed so far? We adopted the following items in our business model to reduce our footprint:

  • No overproduction. We only produce what we can sell. We produce in small batches to make sure everything will get sold. We will never destroy clothing.
  • High quality products. This allows you to wear your clothes longer and get real value for money and at the same time reduce your footprint.
  • Timeless and stylish designs. Our clothes will look good regardless of a trend or season.
  • Our production facilities are located in Portugal. The employees work under healthy and good conditions and get a fair salary. We regularly conduct factory visits to ensure ourselves of these conditions and have good personal relations with them.
  • No long distance transport. We have short production lines as our fabrics are being made in the same area in Portugal as where our factory is located. We decided to produce in Europe as that is closest to the point of sale.
  • We are a divers and inclusive company. We do not accept any kind of discrimination or violence.

Hold us accountable.

We made a very big first step by adopting the slow fashion business model. But there is still work ahead of us before we can call ourselves sustainable. We are dedicated to do more by (i) adding items made of 100% organic cotton, (ii) getting rid of single use plastics (especially packaging) and (iii) making our shipment procedures more sustainable (we are close to deliveries by bike in selected cities). Our aim is to have implemented all these matters within two years. If you have suggestions how we can improve further, please share them with us!

Buy less. Wear longer.
Buy less. Wear longer.
Buy less. Wear longer.

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