Who we are.

QIP is founded in 2020 by Willem and Jaap. We experienced that most shirts are not so comfortable and the design of most shirts is just not good enough. Therefore we had one mission:

"We design the perfect and most comfortable pique shirt."


One of the main reasons a normal shirt is not very comfortable, is because it is made of a woven fabric that has a stiffer structure. Therefore we decided that our shirts must have a more comfortable fabric: pique. Because of the knitted structure of pique, it provides a natural stretch and is very comfortable. Therefore, pique should be everybody’s favorite fabric. Read more about pique here.

High quality.

A problem with pique shirts that are already on the market, is that they lose their shape after wearing the shirt a couple of times. At QIP we do not compromise if it comes to quality. We only use the best pique available, resulting in very stable shirts. Because of our constant focus on quality, our pique shirts do not shrink and keep a great shape.

Perfect design.

As we are also very critical about the style and design of a shirt, we started the design process from zero. When going back to the drawing table, we first did market research asking our future customers what should be improved on a shirt. The feedback we received was overwhelming and we improved the shirt in so many ways.

As an example, we improved the position of the buttons, the colour of the buttons, how the collar keeps a firm stand, the shape of the collar, the size and fit of the shirt and how using different stitching results in more comfort. We also added some nice details, such as chick feet stitching for the buttons and a stylish and practical gusset and split-back yoke. The finishing touch are the five unique mix and match colors of our shirts. Learn more about the details here. In our shop we have a shirt for every occasion, from casual to formal.

Slow fashion.

At QIP we believe in the slow fashion movement. Therefore we designed a shirt that will last longer than average, allowing you to enjoy your shirt longer and having to buy less products. We also looked at production facilities closest to the point of sale. Therefore, our shirts are produced in Portugal by a specialist shirtmaker that has good working conditions for its employees.


Now we set a higher industry standard for shirts, we are looking at adding new items to our collection applying the same standard: a high quality, improved and more comfortable pique version of what is already available. We expect to launch a pop-over, jacket and polo in the course of 2021. Our goal is to provide a total look to our customers by 2022. So stay tuned!