Pique shirt.

“We designed the most comfortable shirt!”

The home office essential.

The super comfortable QIP shirt.

You work from home and want to feel comfortable, but still want to have a representative look during your Zoom meeting? Look no further, we have the solution for you!

With a QIP shirt, you’ll combine the best of two worlds: the comfort of your favorite polo or sweater with the style of a tailor made slim fit shirt. Sounds too good to be true? Our shirts are made of 100% premium cotton pique, usually used for polo’s. Because of the way the fabric is knitted, it has a natural stretch and fits much more comfortable than other shirts.

The shirts are designed in Amsterdam and made in Portugal according to the highest standards. Because we believe in the great quality, comfort and fit of our shirts, we have a very long 60 day return policy. So there is nothing that holds you back from purchasing your first QIP shirt.

And the best thing is, when we can play around in our beautiful world again, our shirts will work great in the office as well. It’s so comfortable that you can leave the office and go straight to your favorite bar or club on a Friday night. As we are optimists, we even added one or two colors that would work great during a dance festival this summer!

The pique shirt.

Comfort. Quality

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The home office essential. The super comfortable QIP shirt.,