Take care. Dry Flat!

Dry flat.

If someone would have told me this one year ago, I probably would have thought that I needed to dry myself laying on a sun bed after getting out of the pool while using SPF 50 lotion. What do you think it means? 


Well, the fine characteristics of pique fabric make it very comfortable and delicate. Taking care of it is very easy as well, but with those fine characteristics there are just two very easy things you should remember.

Care Label.

Nobody ever reads the care label, right? It is that annoying itchy piece of fabric on the inside of the shirt. Not anymore! We have placed the care label at a very convenient spot in the shirt where it doesn’t annoy you anymore. Now we have fixed your difficult relationship with the care label, please give it some more love and attention. It actually has some pretty important things to say to you.

Dry Flat, never forget!

I just wanted to highlight two items on the care label. First, feel free to put our pique shirts in the washing machine. But don’t use the longest or hottest program or tumble dryer. Pique is not such a fan of a hot tub or spa treatment as you might be.

Second, a pique loves to dry flat. Just lay it down on top of your drying rack or on a towel on the ground. Drying it while hanging may cause the shirt to stretch, while giving it a spa treatment may cause it to shrink. And that’s not what you want!