QIP pique shirts. Designed to perfection.

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We are pretty proud of what we have achieved with the design of our pique shirt. Want to know more about the details that make our shirt so special? Allow us to walk you through it!

Pique fabric.

First of all, our shirts are made of pique. It is stylish and comfortable and easy to take care of. Pique fabric is the finishing touch that makes our shirts truly perfect.Read more about our pique fabric here.


Although the collar is a rather small part of the shirt, it is one of the most defining elements of a shirt. Therefore, we put a lot of focus on the details of the collar. We decided to go for a semi-spread collar, giving it a playful formal look. In addition, we wanted to use collar bones that would actually stay in your shirt rather than being lost in the washing machine. And most importantly, we put a lot of time and energy in the collar standing up. By looking at the placket, the position of the buttons and specific interlining, we managed to make the collar stand up just like you want it!


We have the best fit. The fit of our shirts is based on tailored shirts. The fit works perfectly in formal, smart and casual settings. You can read more about the design process of our shirt here. You will immediately see and feel that our shirts are next level.

Split back yoke.

The split back yoke makes the shirt a lot more comfortable to wear around the shoulders and upper back. Especially for those Dutchies riding their bikes all day! It is amazing how one small extra stitch makes a lot of difference.

Split back yoke QIP pique shirt


You probably don’t give much attention to the stitching of a shirt when you buy it. Luckily for you, we did when designing it! Without you directly noticing it, the type of stitching used on a shirt can make a lot of difference in the look and feel of a shirt. For instance, stitching should not be too bulky as that may irritate your skin and feel unpleasant when wearing. Using fine stitching also gives the shirt a more exclusive look. As an example, the inside seem of our shirts has a very fine and delicate stitch usually only seen in tailor made shirts.


We decided our shirt needs a gusset. It not only gives the shirt an exclusive look, but it also makes the shirt have a better fit around your lower body. And for those wearing the shirt casual, you can access the pockets of your jeans much easier because of the gusset. That’s what we call convenient menswear.

Gusset QIP pique shirt


Just like the collar, the buttons are only a small part of a shirt, but oh so important! The position of the buttons can make or break a shirt. Also, buttons must have a natural mother of pearl look to make the shirt stylish. And, ever looked at the stitching of your buttons? We did something special with it by putting in a chick feet stitch. Have a look at it and be stunned!

Labels and spare buttons.

That size label itching in your neck or that care label scratching your skin. Why is that? We don’t know either and fixed those irritating details by putting them somewhere else. Also, have you ever used the spare buttons on a shirt? We for sure never did. As the spare buttons can be annoying when ironing a shirt and can also cause some discoloring behind the spare buttons, we decided to not put spare buttons on the shirts. If you need a spare button in the future, no worries! We keep them for you and we will send you a set free of charge if you need them.


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