Meet the founders of QIP. Jaap & Willem.


Have you ever had this crazy coincidence? So you run into this new person, get to know each other a bit and then you find out that you have exactly the same background, but never met each other before. How is that even possible?! It is exactly what happened to Willem and Jaap.

How they did not meet.

Both Willem and Jaap lived in Nijmegen when they were teenagers in the ‘90s. They are the same age. They had mutual friends. They went to the same clubs and bars. They both played tennis (at least, Jaap tried and Willem was pretty good at it). They both went to law school. And they both moved to Amsterdam after they graduated. But somehow, they never met each other.

How they did meet.

In 2016 Willem started to make tailored suits and shirts for Jaap. They immediately had a good relationship, especially as Jaap was bold enough to follow Willem’s suggestion to put some eyebrow-raising lining in his suits. Many tailored suits, shirts, polo’s and matching shoes and – more importantly –  glasses of beer and Champagne followed since.

From law school to fashion.

So how did they get from law school to fashion? During his study at university, Willem already had a keen eye for men’s fashion. He worked in an exclusive menswear boutique shop and from there he immediately started to be a fashion entrepreneur after he graduated. Jaap followed the traditional path of becoming a lawyer at one of the top tier law firms and after that he founded a new successful boutique law firm – but he always had this itch for starting a new fashion company.

The itch.

In 2019, Jaap’s itch to do something completely different than law couldn’t be ignored anymore and Willem was enthusiastic about starting something new in fashion as well. During a steak lunch at the famous Loetje restaurant in Amsterdam, the idea was born to make the perfect pique shirt for men. What followed was an interesting journey. You can read more about that itch here.


After little over a year of designing, sampling, testing and improving the QIP shirts, Jaap and Willem believe that they have accomplished their goal to bring the perfect pique shirt on the market. Check out the five fantastic mix and match colors in the online shop! If you need any advice on your size, just drop Willem or Jaap a message!